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About St. Ivo School

St. Ivo School embodies the teachings, values and beliefs of the Catholic Church. We serve our mission by providing a compassionate, nurturing atmosphere in which students develop a solid moral character, realize their fullest potential and share their gifts with others. All that we do is rooted in love, the teachings of Jesus Christ, prayer and Eucharistic celebrations.

St. Ivo School recognizes that parents have the primary responsibility to educate their children. In partnership with them and the larger St. Ivo community, the faculty and staff endeavor to develop all students’ spiritual, academic, social, emotional, and physical potential. Students emerge from St. Ivo Elementary School well prepared for their next step as active Catholics and contributing members of their community.

Faith-Based Instruction

  • Catholic beliefs and values are taught at grade-appropriate levels
  • Christian service is emphasized
  • Classes attend Mass weekly

Language Arts

  • Phonetic-based instruction in kindergarten
  • Reading remediation/enrichment by trained specialist
  • School-wide writing program across all subjects

Science and Math

  • Hands-on discovery learning beginning in kindergarten
  • Specialized math teachers
  • Concepts of algebra, geometry, and statistics are interwoven throughout the curriculum beginning in kindergarten
  • Small, skill-based math groups for 5th – 8th grades
  • Algebra taught in 7th (Pre-Algebra) and 8th (Algebra) grades


  • Full-time art teacher serving all grades
  • Annual student art show
  • Music beginning in kindergarten
  • Choir
  • Musical Theater in Kindergarten through 6th grade
  • Drama club in 7th and 8th grades


  • One to one mobile devices (iPad) from Kindergarten to Eighth Grade
  • Computer lab and mobile laptop cart
  • SMARTboards in every classroom
  • Journalism/Newspaper class in 8th grade
  • Research, critical thinking skills and analysis of web-based information are stressed

Sports (soccer, football, volleyball, swimming, cheer leading, field hockey, basketball, tennis, golf, and track)

  • After-school enrichment programs (coding, chess, science, art, dance, math, robotics, tae kwon do etc.)
  • After-school homework club
  • Full-time school nurses
  • High level of parental involvement
  • Student-produced newspaper

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